Collectors Journeys

Part-3: A Guest Lecture For Anamika

Raja Ravi Varma Lithographs

Honorary Secretary of the Foundation Ganesh V Shivaswamy made a presentation of 'A Collectors Journey' to a 30 member group of enthusiastic women from Anamika, a learning group. The enrap-tured audience were immersed in the talk that was elucidated eloquently by Mr Shivaswamy detailing Raja Ravi Varma's work, its significance even today and how imperative it if for his legacy to be pre-served in every possible manner.

Part-2: RAJA RAVI VARMA: Royal Lithography & Legacy - Reloaded

gallery g, Lavelle Road, Bangalore

Raja Ravi Varma Lithographs

By popular demand the Foundation once again exhibited the most comprehensive display of Lithographs, prints and reproductions from the Ravi Varma Press of the paintings by the artist, this time at gallery g on Lavelle Road, Bengaluru. On display were 130 rare and exquisite exhibits printed between 1899 and 1903. Ganesh V Shivaswamy, then Honorary Secretary of the Foundation presented A Collector's Walk, a personalised journey of his collection on 1st April. [...]